Julie Freeman

is a total wellness center where you will not be judged about your food habits, Julie Freemanyour health conditions, your emotional and spiritual challenges, or where you are in your readiness for change.

Healing is more than merely a biochemical process. It is about connection, relationship, being heard and feeling understood!.

Transformation is a process that takes time and requires patience and empathy, not only from the professionals you seek out for assistance, but from yourself as well.

Exploring your current state of well-being is invited — whether you have allergies, skincare concerns, weight issues, body-mind-spirit imbalances, a general lack of vitality or body-image issues.

Sound and Movement are often instrumental in breaking the blocks to wellness. Julie brings song into the healing work that she does and uses yoga in sessions where appropriate.

"I believe that we are all in process, all on a continuum — we are always evolving, learning and progressing. And occasionally that process needs support." — Julie





Health Appraisal

Health Appraisal



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