Summer is Ice Cream Time!

Ice cream is America’s favorite summertime treat!  Over the past 20 or so years, the development of “faux” ice creams has emerged and has created much confusion about health implications.  During the peak of the low fat craze, ice milks and frozen yogurts emerged.  Not only do these products have a laundry list of chemicals, many of which cannot even be pronounced, but the sugar and salt contents are usually much higher than conventional ice creams.  In our country,  major health conditions include diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other inflammatory disorders and these concerns revolve more around sugar, refined carbohydrate and salt as opposed to clean and healthy fats.

When considering a frozen treat on occasion, think about portion – order the kiddie size or small, look for real ice cream made with few ingredients such as cream, eggs, sugar, real vanilla and a dash of salt (salt helps with the crystal formation).  Ideally, dairy that is organic and hormone-antibiotic free, would be a better choice, but 'ideal' is not always an option.  For dairy sensitive folks, there are coconut, rice and almond options that can work nicely for an occasional treat.

Julie Freeman