Sizzlin’ Summer Days and Hydration

When it comes to re-hydrating, it’s not just about the water.  In fact, too much water can create water loading, thus straining the kidneys.  Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, which are  important for normal cardiac function, are also key components of staying hydrated

I love this combo of mixing Hibiscus which is rich in vitamin C, some organic lemon or lime juice, a splash of BAI or CORE for flavor and I may mix it with a flavored seltzer or water.   When I need to bump up the electrolytes even more, I use 1 tsp of Electrolyte Synergy from Designs for Health, a company that makes reputable supplements (see Emerson Ecologics for more details).  Another option is to add 1 tbl cloudy apple cider vinegar (rich in potassium), and a dash of salt to the above drink.  Enjoy this delicious ‘Faux Cocktail’!

Julie Freeman