Adhesive in Acrylic Nails, Glucose Monitors Triggers Allergy

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This article brings me back to when I was 17 and my doc told me to paint my cracked and bleeding nails from #fungus to cover up the hideous presentation! Years later, I was diagnosed with #immuneillness, cancer and significant #candida.  Came into the world with #allergies and ectopy (skin issues).  Well, as a young adult, I did use the fake nails and polish to hide my embarrassment, but it was not until putting the jigsaw puzzle of my health together, that I learned how toxic these chemicals can be. 

According to dermatologists the chemical is isobornyl acrylate, a component in the glue that is used in cosmetics and bandages.  One reason that it has taken so long to determine the cause and effect is that it may take years of exposure before the immune system has been overloaded, causing the skin to respond with a rash.

Beware, look at your #skincare and beauty products.  Check out  Go natural beauty!

Julie Freeman