Remembering A Beautiful Role Model

I woke to a loud knock on the wall. I was not frightened, but vigilant. I then looked to see the time, but my vision is quite poor – it was somewhere between 4 and 5am. I saw there was a text but I could not see the name, so went back to sleep - a light sleep, but was aroused a few minutes later by a call from my aunt. Now, I knew – Karin had passed and this was her sign to me, to let me know.

Just a few days before, we had talked on the phone and were asking each other, what would be our sign for communication once she passed. Like me, Karin lived in both worlds – here on earth and in the spiritual realm. We had deep conversations about healing, love, God – and she too, was a survivor in every sense of the word. Karin had a colostomy at age 16 due to Crohns colitis, while she was training for gymnastics to be in the Olympics. She was later brutally beaten, close to death and had a transfusion in the days before screening the blood. She contracted Hep C. And while she went on to live a life of clean eating, meditation and spirituality, she developed liver cancer. Perhaps she lived until 67 due to her commitment to healing, faith and passion. Her strong and loving presence will remain with us forever.

Julie Freeman