Puppy Time!

Tammies and her Toys

My 'baby' Tammie, a 15 year-old Shih-poo, has been with me through many adventures in my life. Throughout all of our time together I have been struck by her desire for play, for fun and walking, and by her continued interest in food!

TT, as my Dad coined her years ago (Tammie Terror), always has an eye for mischief, but in a fun way. She has also always had an appetite for good food and she gets that: grain free, salmon and veggies, a little chopped Greenies for her teeth and sprinkle of probiotics to keep the digestion running.

It’s good to pay attention to our pets — they reflect back to us who we are and how we can be in this world! Let’s never forget a 'wo'-man's best friend.

Julie Freeman