Colonoscopy Prep — The Healthy Way

A colonoscopy is a dreaded procedure for many of us — and the preparation is equally dreaded, especially those of us who dislike not being able to eat! The prescribed liquid diet is problematic also because so many of liquids available contain unhealthy dyes, excess sugar etc.


My suggestion is to choose lower sugar options and to alternate sweetened and unsweetened beverages to keep the blood sugar stable. As you will find in the photo, I chose Zevia ginger ale which is sweetened with stevia (may help with the nausea from the prep), homemade jello using lemon and lime juice with part stevia and organic sugar, Inkos lighlty sweetened peach iced tea and organic coffee. Broths are also allowed, but are not my fancy.

Hope your next visit for the colonoscopy is a good one!

In health, Julie

Julie Freeman