Fun Fiber Foods

What makes fiber a nutritious food? Here's what to look for on the label: Per serving you want Fiber (3 grams or more), Sugar (6 grams or less) , and Ingredients (all real food items with no added chemicals).

Fiber Foods.jpg

The items pictured are high in fiber, low in sugar and gluten and yeast free. Plus they are delicious! The TOSI bars can be a mini meal on the run or a standalone good fiber snack. Pro Granola is a grain-free option that can be part of a breakfast or crunchy and filling snack and the Inka Plaintain Chips can take the place of bread, thus eliminating flour and yeast, both which can disrupt the gut microbiome.

I often use products like these as a base and build around them — crushing up a TOSI bar, chopping carrots on top, cinnamon and dollop of almond or sunbutter when I need a lunch on the run. Carrots may sound strange, but they are versatile, taste delicious with the cinnamon and nut butter and also provide bulk for satiety and they are a veggie.

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Julie Freeman