Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom’s 80th Birthday

Mom’s 80th Birthday

As I reflect on the gifts that my Mom gave me – and I am referring to those intangible gifts – love, wisdom, caring, knowledge of being a homemaker (years gone by of the Domestic Engineer!) and mother – I feel even more grateful as each day passes for I am now not only a Mom, but a grand-mother, known as MJ (Mama Jules)!.  My son-in-law and daughter told me that I did not look or act like Grammy material – still a little too cool and young in age – and I’ll accept that compliment.

My Mom was known as being cool to my girls as well – she had an eye for fashion and when the holidays and back to school shopping rolled around, they wanted Grammy to take them shopping for the coolest fashion trends.  Mom was an amazing seamstress, making many of my clothes and theirs, my wedding dress and from that material, the girls’ christening outfits.  She was creative, a good listener and while I was growing up, she was the one my friends often confided in.  They felt safe and understood.

I thank her for that gift as well because I have often been the one whom family, friends and my girls’ friends would come to for a safe place to be loved and listened to.  When it comes down to it, it is about connections and relationships that matter the most - not how much stuff one has.

What are the take-aways here:

Creating a safe place for family, friends, clients and co-workers will foster happier and healthier environments

Active listening is key – be present, be available and hold an open space for others

Value feminine energy - nurturance, home-making (a greatly undervalued service – ever since Rosie the Riveter)

Happy Birthday Mom – and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Julie Freeman