More Benefits to Coffee – Yeah!

Those of you who know me have heard my statement that I will go to my grave with my coffee cup in my hand!  I adore coffee – good, #organic, sustainably grown coffee – and I keep up on the pros and cons of coffee consumption.  Luckily, I am a fast caffeine metabolizer which means that I do not experience the negative impacts such as rapid heart rate, stomach distress and anxiety.  In fact, quite the opposite – I feel well when I drink coffee.

Coffee may boost #metabolism and support brain energy, as well as potentially lower type 2 #diabetes risk.  A recent study has found that two cups of coffee per day may reduce one’s risk of alcohol-related liver cirrhosis by up to 43 percent.”


Regarding coffee, the authors of the new study, published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, wrote:

“Coffee comprises over a thousand compounds, many of which are biologically active and may affect human health. These include caffeine, chlorogenic acid, melanoids and the pentacyclic diterpenes, kahweol and cafestol… The biological effects of coffee include stimulation of the central nervous system, primarily by caffeine, the attenuation of oxidative stress and inflammation, and anti-carcinogenesis… In the context of liver disease, coffee appears to confer a number of protective effects.”


The next time you go for that cup of java, just look for organic, sustainably grown and harvested options.

Julie Freeman