Obesity and Inflammation: A Smoking gun

For years, people have been blamed for their weight status, but as research is mounting, it is becoming clearer that the gut microbiome plays a role in inflammation, which is now correlatedwith weight gain and obesity in some cases .

Much of the previous focus has been on acidophilus (found in yogurt), but that is only one species in the world of probiotics. Different strains of Bifidobacterium are showing promise in weight loss, reduction in lipids and glucose — all together known as metabolic syndrome.


One such strain is Bifidobacterium lactis – B420. This strain directly impacts body fat and may assist with weight management. A favorite product of mine is Ultraflora Control by Metagenics. Consider checking it out if you have been struggling with weight despite positive diet and exercise changes. Check out my website — Emerson or Metagenics.

Julie Freeman