Grass Fed vs Conventional Beef Confusion Mounts

What do Natural, Environmentally Friendly, Pastured, Humanely Raised mean to you?  Well, in fact, they are meaningless, but alluring terms.

We also hear a lot about having less meat in general for environmental as well as health reasons and I agree, cutting back makes sense, BUT, cutting out not necessarily unless there is a specific health condition that supports including no flesh protein.

#Grass-fed is another “buzz word” that requires further explanation.  Most beef in the US is grain-finished which negates the grass-fed beginnings of the flesh.  There is no federal regulation that differentiates 100% grass-fed, thus it is up to the consumer to dig deeper.

In general, grass-fed animals are leaner, have slightly more #healthyfats and compared to grain-fed animals, have higher #antioxidant values – vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Check out the following terms to educate yourself about grass-fed animals so that you can make an informed decision for you and your family – PCO Certified 100% Grassfed; Animal Welfare Approved Grassfed and American Grassfed.

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Julie Freeman