Unveiling Potentially Unlawful Ingredients in Supplements  

We live in a complicated world filled with promises of taking one pill to cure many ills!  However, that is not the case and as professionals and consumers, it is often confusing to make informed decisions.  The FDA is informing  #dietarysupplement companies of ingredients that may be potentially harmful to consumers and offers them a period of time to remove the unwanted ingredients before closing them down.

The Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List, an online tool, alerts the public to chemical compounds that may not meet legal requirements for use in supplements but this does not account for the overall quality and absorbability in products.  In my personal homecare and professional practice, I use only companies who use 3rd party, independent testing on the supplements and companies that are considered trustworthy.  In addition, one must be cautioned about using online cost-cutting warehouses since there are no regulations on environmental control – heat, rodents, relabeling products.  Good quality supplements are expensive, but can be worth it if used properly.  For example, #Berberine stands up to #Metformin in clinical trials for glucose lowering without the renal and liver side effects of the Metformin. 

Even in the world of supplementation, it is always worth consulting a healthcare professional who understands the pharmacology of supplements and drug-supplement interactions.  I use the Natural Medicine Database which is available to functional medicine practitioners.  An ounce of caution may be worth your life!


Julie Freeman