Music of the Spirit

“Music speaks to the heart.”  I cannot recall when I first heard this phrase, but it has stayed with me as a powerful reminder of the beautiful language called music.  How is it that the rhythm, melodies and harmonies of music can move us in ways that spoken words alone cannot?

For as long as I remember I have been singing (whether in a group or as a soloist) for children in preschool, for my family and friends’ weddings and funerals and for my spiritual communities, as a way to connect with God.

It is a great honor to share this small compilation of songs.  Each of these songs has a special meaning to me and evokes distinct memories of times when I have sung it.  I offer them here with the intention and hope that they will touch your heart with love and grace.  While I have a vast repertoire of favorites, this collection was compiled during a very brief visit back to Boston, when I had the opportunity to jam and record with my dear friends, Jamie and Chris.

May you be touched and brought to a place of peace and contentment.