Before I began my health journey with Julie, I felt confused, overwhelmed and that weight loss and healthy living were for other people, but not for me. Julie coordinated my care, working closely with my doctor to make appropriate referrals and suggest more detailed labs as needed. It felt that she really grasped the case management aspect and took this role seriously. I really appreciate Julie’s unwavering commitment to my personal journey across all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. —Cynthia

Julie Freeman is the best nutritionist I've worked with in my 25 years of medical practice. She is uniquely able both to provide excellent nutritional counsel for a wide variety of medical problems and to formulate customized treatment plans for each individual, taking into account that person's particular needs and capabilities. Thereafter, Julie remains accessible to her patients for guidance, coaching and thoughtful recommendations. I can trust that my patients will receive quality care — medically and personally. —Alex Bingham, MD

Working with Julie has meant being in a supportive relationship with a professional who has a wealth of nutrition information to share while personalizing strategies and food choices that are appealing. I have finally gotten control over food addictions, lost weight and lowered my blood pressure. Additionally, my glucose, and cholesterol results are now in the normal range. Over the years I have tried other groups and methods to change my eating; by working with Julie I am at last happily eating healthy! —Grace Berestecki

Julie's extensive professional experience as a licensed nutritionist and as an accomplished integrative holistic healer is impressive. She is devoted to her clients, helping them to pursue their goals, often checking in with them between sessions to encourage and support them. Her dedication helps clients to have faith in their ability to improve and to endure the challenging process of change, healing, and growth. —Dr. Chris Tecce, Ph.D.

Before I met Julie, I felt out of control with my eating and emotions. She has helped me see that healthy living is not only about weight, but is also about self-care, meditation and exercise which enables me to live a fuller life and to be of service to others. I wake each day feeling a sense of gratitude, peace and joy that I had not experienced for years. —Kathy Doyle