Julie Freeman, MA, RDN, LDN, RYT

Integrative Nutritionist, Counselor, Care Coordinator, Author, Teacher & Mentor

“I want to change the paradigm of healthcare and mental healthcare:  optimal health is more than merely avoiding disease or suppressing affect!”

Can you believe that only 7% of patients feel that their care was fully coordinated! NEJM, January 2018


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Can you believe that only 7% of patients feel that their care was fully coordinated! —NEJM, January 2018


I believe we all have the innate power to create vitality in our lives. That is why I have dedicated my life to integrative medicine, starting originally as a nutritionist and mental health professional. I continue this role and have expanded into overall care coordination to ensure that all healthcare professionals are communicating effectively. I have over 35 years’ experience helping women, men, children and corporate culture transform their lives. I support and assist my clients in times of transition and uncertainty, nurturing their innate ability to come back into balance in the areas of mind, body and spirit.

Many patients report feeling:
Unheard, unseen, not taken care of
Motivated but defeated

How do I support patients?
* I listen to both the spoken and the unspoken language
* I meet each person where they are at and gently guide and support
* I check in – a text, an email, even a card!
* I can relate – as a patient with complex chronic illness, I know both sides of healthcare

I work with individuals and families who are looking at the root causes of their chronic and often complex illness or lack of wellness. I assist in the Care Coordination process, ensuring that all providers are sharing and communicating about patient needs. And, I also expand upon this framework to work with groups and corporations, bringing this same heart-centered approach to health and wholeness within organizations.

My practice offers a “One Stop Shop” approach to care. I am a licensed and certified phlebotomist so clients need not go to a lab for special lab draws such as NutrEval, Urinary Hormones and Boston Heart Diagnostics. I also test for food allergy and sensitivity.

I’m a foodie and have published two cookbooks in the Feel Great Look Great series: Balanced Eating for a Balanced Life and  Sweets n' Treats. I have recently published the third book focused on my own life’s journey of healing and transformation. Yeah, I’m passionate about the personal journey, sharing my own muck and mire! I’ve appeared on national and cable television, written for various publications and been on faculty at major institutions. I have created and/or implemented corporate health programs, mindfulness-based stress management, conflict resolution training and cooking classes. While Director of Health Promotion at Adventist Health Systems in Stoneham MA, I facilitated the Service Excellence approach within the hospital environment - an initiative to focus all hospital employees on maintaining a courteous and invested attitude toward work and relationships.

‘Life-work’ is the term I use to refer to the blending of my life and career.  There is really no beginning or end to either – they are part of one existence in my life.  My personal daily life and relationships with others reflect my passion for total well-being and I bring this message to those challenged with balancing life, family, career and business.  I partner with each client  to create a personalized lifestyle plan taking into account their work and home situation, sleep and exercise patterns, and metabolic stressors. I also offer companies strategic solutions for health in their dining rooms and office environments.

This blending and balancing of life and work became even more vital for me when I was diagnosed with a rare leukemia in 2012, followed by a diagnosis of Lyme disease in 2013.  These pivotal events strengthened my desire to assist others in their own personal transformation through nutritional and life coaching, taking fear and insecurity out of the equation.

When I’m not in the office or on telehealth, I can be found at the Barre or Yoga Studio, riding my bike or walking Tammie, my 16 year old Shih-poo! She’s still got vigor and play at her age – what a role model! I can also be found in the kitchen concocting creations or feeding my now extended family with my new grand-daughter. I love to sing and play guitar which ignites the light within and while life is full, I am so grateful for it all!

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